Ways to Keep Your Home Safe From Intruders

Sadly, unfortunate circumstances even at your safe place has become so common that it’s become a must for everyone (even those in a no-incident neighborhood) to practice safety measures diligently. Below are 12 ways to help keep your home, especially your family, safe from intruders:
  1. Make your house look occupied at all times. Leave lights or even the TV on when you go out. You can also leave a pair of shoes out front.
  2. Get a dog. Intruders don’t usually risk entering houses with dogs. Police agree that having a dog, regardless of the breed, is a prime deterrent for home burglars.
  3. Trees and bushes around your home should be kept trimmed so they don’t provide hiding spaces for intruders.
  4. Before leaving the house and going to bed, double check if all doors and windows are locked. Keep external doors secured even when you’re at home.
  5. Never keep spare keys in obvious hiding places outside your home. If possible, leave them with a trusted neighbor.
  6. Make sure that driveways, pathways, and entry points to your house have adequate lighting. You can also install motion-sensor lights on the exterior of your home.
  7. Your external doors should be solid core doors and fitted with deadlocks and security screens.
  8. Place a wooden/metal bar in the bottom track of sliding doors and windows to help prevent them from being forced open.
  9. Install a peephole if your front porch can’t be entirely seen from inside the house.
  10. Windows should be lockable and reinforced with security film, roller shutters, or security screens.
  11. Set up a reliable alarm system.
  12. Install a motion-sensor video camera security system that sends email footage to you and not just recordings onto a hard drive.